Coverage and Structure of the Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe


“Cultural Currents”

The Cultural Currents – media and genres of cultural production that ERNiE has identified as platforms for the articulation and dissemination of Romantic Nationalism – have been adapted from the “Cultivation of Culture” model and matrix that are presented elsewhere on this website. Note that in these currents, various types of cultural production are grouped together: artistic production (poetry, music, visual arts etc.), knowledge production (philology, history-writing, ethnography etc.) and cultural reflection (non-fictional disquisition: criticism, manifestos etc.)

The Cultural Currents are, for the sake of searchability, grouped into five large fields:

  1. Language, also covering linguistic interest and language-political debates
  2. Traditions, covering immaterial and traditional culture, comprising:
      Oral literature; Folk music; Manners and Customs; Sports and pastimes; Ethnography; Mythology
  3. Sight and Sound, covering performative and visual culture, comprising:
      Musical culture; Visual arts; Dress/design; Architecture
  4. Texts and Stories, covering textual, literary and historical culture, comprising:
      Literature (lyrical, narrative-fictional, dramatic); Translations; Text editions; History-writing; Antiquarianism/archeology; Cultural criticism and activist writing
  5. Society, covering aspects of sociocultural mobilization, comprising:
      Festivals/Commemorations; Education; Publishing and periodicals; Associations; Institutions