SPIN functions as a hub to bring researchers and research groups from different parts of the world into contact with each other. To this end, we organize and support workshops and conferences, and curate publications in our book series (published by Brill, Leiden).

Past events include:

    1. John Breuilly (2009)
    2. Miroslav Hroch (2010)
    3. Peter Burke (2011)
    4. Anne-Marie Thiesse (2012)
    5. Benedict Anderson (2013)
    6. Tom Shippey (2014)
  • Workshop Cultural Saints: Cultural canonicity and identity formation of small European nations (January 2010). This workshop resulted in the publication of a monograph and a collected volume published in the National Cultivation of Culture book series: vol. 12 and a forthcoming volume
  • Workshop Clerics and the Vernacular (July 2010). Papers online here.
  • Workshop series The Rhine: National Tensions, Romantic visions (University of Amsterdam, October 2010; Lichtenberg-Kolleg, Göttingen, 2012; Bingen, Museum am Strom, September 2012). The proceedings of this workshop series have been published as a volume in the Brill series European Studies (vol. 31).
  • The Idea of Europe: The Clash of Projections (held at the University of Vienna under the auspices of Academia europæa, 8-10 September 2017)
  • Dynamics of Music and Nationalism (University of Amsterdam and Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences, September 2017)
  • World Fairs, Universal Exhibitions: National self-profiling in an internationalist context, 1851-1940 (co-organized by Eric Storm, Univ. Leiden, March 2018)
  • The international conference Cultural mobilization: Cultural consciousness-raising and national movements in Europe and the world (co-organized by ASEN and NISE; September 2017).