ERNiE: The Manual

The Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe is accessed in a browser at

Contents of this manual

  1. Top menu and search box; sorting the list view
  2. The Encyclopedia and its articles; The Bibliography; contributors
  3. Scenario buttons, view modes and visualizations
  4. Materials: Letters, Writings, Music, Paintings, Monuments, Sites, Currency, Exhibitions
  5. Making your own ERNiE selections [this page]
  6. Further references and information, copyright, feedback

Making a Selection

Each ERNiE item (Materials as well as Encyclopedia articles) carries in its right-hand top corner a set of memo tiles. (More on these in the Encyclopedia part of this manual.)
The leftmost memo tile serves to bookmark the item and stores this bookmark in a “Selection”. The presence of a Selection will be marked in a notice blurb at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen stating the title of the Selection and the number of bookmarked items in it.

Clicking this notice will bring up the Selection. It is as yet in raw form, with only a generic title and the items listed in the order in which they were added.

Formatting your Selection

You can give the a specific title to the Selection, arrange the order of its items (click/drag them up or down), and add headlines and notes. The Selection is then ready for saving/distributing under its own stable URL or for printing (in flat form or as a formatted PDF). Use the memo tiles for these operations.