ERNiE: The Manual

The Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe is accessed in a browser at

Contents of this manual

  1. Top menu and search box; sorting the list view
  2. The Encyclopedia and its articles; The Bibliography; contributors [this page]
  3. Scenario buttons, view modes and visualizations
  4. Materials: Letters, Writings, Music, Paintings, Monuments, Sites, Currency, Exhibitions
  5. Making your own ERNiE selections
  6. Further references and information, copyright, feedback

The Encyclopedia and its articles

The ERNiE articles give information on the topic but are also meant to provide a vantage point for exploring its wider relations and connections.

  1. The text contains hyperlinks to related articles or headwords.
  2. To the right, there are illustration thumbnails which can be clicked to enlarge and display metadata.
  3. The identification tiles above the text (cultural current/cultural community, name of author) are all clickable to bring up related articles.
  4. At the top, there are relational tabs. The “globe” tab offers a visualization of the localities mentioned in the article text. The tab with the network-icon offers a visualization how this article is linked to other articles in the Encyclopedia. The “References” tab lists all cross-referenced articles. The other tabs, from “Letters” to “Sites”, offer links to related materials. The number of links is given in an orange balloon on each relevant tab.
    For further information, see the "Visualizations" section of this manual.
  5. In the right-hand top corner there are four grey memo tiles. These allow you to make use of the article for your research or in your research community. From right to left, the tiles will alow you to [i] share the article on social media, [ii] copy the article URL for embedding purposes, or [iii] print the article.
    The leftmost memo tile serves to bookmark the article and stores this bookmark in a Selection. The presence of an active Selection will be marked in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. (More information can be found in the Making your own ERNiE selection part of this manual.)
  6. At the bottom of the article there is a bibliography for further reading, followed by how-to-cite instructions under the Creative Commons License. The how-to-cite instruction contains the article’s version number to identify it vis-à-vis possible later revisions or alterations.

The Bibliography

The various source references to the ERNiE articles (with additional titles) have been merged together into ERNiE’s Bibliography of Romantic Nationalism. This is a standalone resource which allows you to search in 5000+ titles in the same ways as ERNiE itself: By Cultural current and/or community, or by keyword. The relevant titles are displayed as a sortable list (for sorting, see section 1 of this manual). Individual titles, clicked, show cross-reference tabs to guide you to the ERNiE articles to which they are linked.
The Bibliography is accessible under its own URL at  

You can download your selection, formatted in SPIN bibliographical house style, as an ODT text file. (ODT is a platform-independent format for text files that can be opened in all types of word processing software.) These materials have been made available under the conditions of ERNiE’s Creative Commons license (BY-NC-ND). The Bibliography was compiled for SPIN by Stefan Poland.


A list of the ERNiE contributors is accessible under its own heading in the top menu. A name, once clicked, will by means of a cross-refernec tab guide you to that author’s article(s). A map visualization shows their global spread.