SPIN stylesheet

The SPIN style sheet was developed for ERNiE and other nodegoat applications. It is based on the MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) style sheet as modified by Glyn Tegai Hughes and Joep Leerssen for the Comparative Criticism bibliographies (Cambridge UP, 1975 ff.).
The SPIN stylesheet aims to generate easily legible humanities-geared bibliographies for digital use. A number of punctuation marks are unique so that they are easily marked for automatic search-and-replace operations.
A full description in PDF can be downloaded here.

Here follow some of the specifications:
Each entry opens with author and, in parentheses, date, followed by a semicolon.
  • The string ); is unique for search-and-replace purposes.

a. The title of journal articles and book chapters is given in double quotation marks.

  • This avoids confusion between single quotation marks and apostrophes; it makes double quotation marks unique for search-and-replace purposes.
  • In order to maintain the unique serach/replaceability of double quotation marks, «guillemet» quotation marks are used for embedded quotation marks within a title (titles-mentioned-in-titled, proper-named items, quoted or ironized phrases), e.g. “Marx’s use of mathematics in «Das Kapital»”

b. The title of stand-alone publications (monographs, collections) is in italics.

  • articls/periodical titles for Journal articles take the form “article title”, Journal title; titles for book sections take the form “chapter title”, in [collection details]. The string ”, in is unique for search-and-replace purposes.