SPIN and NISE collaboration: research project, publication series

NISE and SPIN are planning closer cooperation in the future. Both institutions are dedicated to the critical and transnational study of nationalism in Europe, and within that common framework their emphases and approaches usefully complement each other: while SPIN is concerned with intellectual history, cultural production and the diffusion of ideas, NISE’s focus is on an archive-based study of sociability, associational life and sociocultural mobilization.

In addition, both NISE and SPIN are hubs aiming to bring international network together in collaborative enterprises. These networks show a pronounced overlap, so that it was felt that both Antwerp and Amsterdam had much to gain from a more structural integration of their (already harmonious) contacts.[....]

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Grimm Ripples conference

SPIN will be hosting a conference on the Grimm brothers on 7-9 December 2016. All lectures are open to all those interested. [[download file="2016-12/grimm-ripples.pdf" icon="" text="Full program." title="" ]]

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Visualizing correspondence networks over time

Lab1100 in collaboration with SPIN has developed ultra-cool visualizations of correspondence networks as they develop in time and space. This development process has faced interesting challenges and generated exciting solutions, breaking new ground in the developing field of Digital Humanities.

The SPIN database contains the metadata of c. 38,000 letters by 19th-century artists and intellectuals.How the software developers of lab1100 mapped these data in European soace and over the 19th century with their "Nodegoat" technology can be read on their blog, at https://nodegoat.net/blog.p/82.m/18/network-visualisations-of-38000-letters.[....]

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ERNiE tops 1000 articles online

The number of articles in the Encyclopedia of Romanric Nationalism available for public online viewing has passed the 1000 mark. The integration between ERNiE and the documentation materials is also complete.

Each article can be visualized as to its connections with other themes and topics in Romantic Nationalism, and related material (writings, paintings, statues, buildings, musical compositions, letters) can also be called up with a single mouse-click. Check out ERNiE at http://RomanticNationalism.net.[....]

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SPIN affiliate Simon Halink wins ASEN prize

SPIN congratulates its affiliate researcher Simon Halink on winning the Dominique Jacquin-Berdal memorial prize awarded by the Association for the Studies of Ethnicitiesd and Nationalism (ASEN).

The essay, on the Icelandic historian Jón J. Aðils (1869-1920), is based on a chapter from Halink’s dissertation on Norse mythology and Icelandic national culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and will be published in the association’s journal Nations and Nationalism.

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Šafařík's ethnic map of the Slavs online

Pavel Josef Šafařík' s map of Slavic-settled territories (Slovanský Zeměvid, 1842) was a very important element in Slavic consciousness-raising. It is now online in a Hi-Res scan on this website and[[download file="2016-01/safarikmap_1.jpg" icon="" text=" can be downloaded here." title="" ]].

The map was annexed to Šafařík's Slovanský Narodopis (Prague, 1842), and is not easily obtainable online or in printed form. (We have gratefully availed ourselves of the facsimile in the 1955 edition of Slovanský Narodopis by Hana Hunková (Prague, Nakladatelství Československé Akademie Věd), now itself fairly rare.) SPIN wanted to make this important document available to the research community. Please credit SPIN and the provenance if you make use of it in your publications.

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2015 into 2016: stock-taking and goals

2015 has been an exciting year for us: Following three launch events (at the LSE in April, the Ecole normale supérieure in May, and the NWO festival “Bessensap” in The Hague in June), ERNiE has gone publicly online in a sleek interface under the URL http://romanticnationalism.net . 2016 will complete that process:

– the encyclopedia and the search interface will be more tightly and harmoniously integrated with the presentation of the correspondence networks and the primary materials;
– those materials in our image-, music- and textbases are being added to at a rapid rate and will reach representative coverage in the coming year;
– a print-on-demand module for user-selected articles will become operative;
– the encyclopedia part of ERNiE will be completed. We have in recent months decided to “round off” the European coverage by commissioning articles for Armenian, Georgian, Jewish, Maltese and Turkish “Romantic Nationalism”, as well as clarifying our editiorial policy on “in-between” cultural communities such as Baltic-German.  [....]

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SPinTime in the new Grimm museum

The newly opened GRIMMWELT, an ambitious museum project on the Brothers Grimm in Kassel, features a visualization of their correspondence driven by the technology developed in collaboration with SPIN. For a blog report on the display and the event, see the blog post by the developers, Lab1100, here.

The dynamic space/time-visualization of correspondence networks, a SPIN pilot project, was developed jointly with lab1100 and can be seen in operation on the SPinTime viewer . The full metadata of the Grimms’ correspondence, more than 20,000 letters in all, were obtained through a collegial collaboration with the Arbeitsstelle Grimm-Briefwechsel Berlin and is now on display in Kassel. A posting on the SPIN website is being prepared.

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