Integrated database viewer now online

SPIN aims to document “banal” and ambient manifestations of cultural nationalism in its transnational diffusion. The databases (Correspondence, Statuary, Composers’s Travels, Verses, Painters and Banknote Portraits) which are maintained for this purpose are now accessible in a new, integrated public-user interface.

The viewer allows users, by means of an intuitive interface,

-   [a] to consult the contents of the databases, textual (Verses) and iconographical (Statuary, Banknote Portraits and History Paintings), and

-   [b] to visualize the contents’ distribution, either by means of mapping chronologically (Statuary), geographically (Statuary, Composers’s Travels, Letters, Painters) or as social networks (Painters and Letters).

The SpInTime technology (for mapping and visualizing diffusion and network patterns dynamically in their historical development) is a key feature of the viewer.


The integrated viewer interface is now online; click here to access.

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